STP - Sport Transition Program

“My biggest fear in life was never becoming a professional athlete.

I never did.

Today, I couldn’t be more proud to say I am not a professional athlete and believe I found something greater.

I lived the process of transition and I know what is needed.”

- Ben Fanelli

The STP program has been curated by Ben Fanelli. The program aims to guide and provide feedback to athletes redefining themselves, finding new passions or careers.

Each athlete has an identity and belief that has been built on years and years of peer validation and success that makes one believe sport is everything. One day the game ends for every single one of us.

This program provides a wide variety of education and resources to fit the need(s) of the individual.

The Program:

After the last competitive/professional game we are there for support and throughout the entire journey. We awaken the skills and characteristics that allow the individual to take control of this entire process.

Part 1: Accepting Change

Life Coaching


Relationship Support

Part 2: Jumping In

Finding New Satisfaction

Idea Generation

Part 3: Wielding Skill-Set



Resume Building