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Redefining Toughness

University of Waterloo
Mar 20 2019

Toughness doesn’t look like Hollywood or social media portrays it. It takes many different shapes and forms. Toughness is whatever you need to do in the moment(s) to continue pushing forward, to be resilient, adaptable and the hero of your own story.

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Take Control

Toyota Cambridge
Jun 21 2019

Everyday the news is telling us how over stimulated, anxious and depressed this world is, and how little control we have over it.

This conversation isn’t only about “an answer to” but rather, what can be done before the issue occurs?

Simple habits and lifestyle choices can collectively give us the control we need right now.

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Heroic Identity

McMaster University
Jun 24 2019

Who we think we are influences how we think and act on a daily basis. To wake up and say, “I used to be”, “I could never be”, etc. is a debilitating thought process. We need to change the dialogue in our minds to naturally improve how we think and act on a daily basis.