Heroic Minds Conference

March 20th 7-9pm @ The University of Waterloo




Ryan Martin

It took Ryan a long time to figure out what was going on in his head. Time after time he thought his problems were solved. When he finally accepted his bipolar disorder he found the path of resilience. Overtime Ryan has learned how to manage his thoughts and emotions to live a fulfilling life. He is biked 8000km across Canada to instil courage in others dealing with mental health challenges.


Nichole Robertson

Nichole is a university piano professor and ex competitive swimmer that has been blind since birth. You may think Nichole has a different approach to goals and aspirations than people with sight, that is not the case. Nicole lives on her own without issue, she is a university professor and does 99% of everything people with sight do. Nicole and her story is proof that it is not what we see that creates our limitations in life but what we imagine in our minds. There was never a fear in riding a bike, in swimming, in j-walking, in music, and more. Nichole pushes the envelope of life without sight, so much so that she forces her peers to improve to keep up.


Amber Shewfelt

Amber Shewfelt is the definition of toughness. She is living a triumphant life with Cystic Fibrosis, setting and achieving goals regardless of the daily adversity. Her main goal is to make life better for others with CF in a selfless and remarkable way. She discusses life, death, and how to share your message in a way that can change a life. Amber shares that feeling upset and frustrated shouldn't be avoided to hide the truth, but rather embraced to accept the truth and find a way through. Amber said that she tells herself she was given this for a reason, to help those born with Cystic Fibrosis in the next decade.


Chris Miranda

Chris Miranda, is an ex-pro golfer and golf course owner who “had it all” until one day noticed tingling in his hands. He went from shooting a 71 to a 91 on the golf course and had trouble standing up on his hockey skates. He was told by the doctor he had 6 weeks to live. Initially thought to be a rare form of cancer Chris was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome. This has rendered Chris without the use of his hands or feet. Raising two young kids, with a full time job and constantly around a game he can no longer play, Chris has found a way to get back to “having it all”.


Nik Knezic

Chasing the NHL to Battling Cancer Twice to Engineering at The University of Waterloo to living an action packed day, everyday. Nik says death was not even a thought at any point of his journey through cancer, a mindset us unexposed to the situation could hardly image. Nik no longer lays his head to his pillow at night feeling as if he just went through the motions. He envisions life as a blank canvas everyday that you can paint with as many colours and experiences as possible… or you can leave your canvas blank without any art to look back on as you lay down for bed.


Matthew McCoy

Matthew McCoy was abused by his grand father which lead to heroine addiction, suicide attempts, robbery, losing his girlfriend to an overdose and prison. Today, he has been sober for 11 years. Matthew has a story that seems as if the script for a Hollywood film. After years of struggle and hardship to years of being sober and in control of his emotions he is now a hero for others. He works to save peoples lives with his program; The Addicts Attic. This story is proof of resilience the human body and mind can have.