Heroic Minds Consulting

Arming you and your team with the ability to keep going.


Workforce Resilience

Through story telling and anecdotal experience Ben articulate’s the principles that constitute a heroic mind. Ben leaves the audience with a set of tools to manage and optimize their minds.

Tools: Principles of the Heroic Mind, Task management, My story, My comeback, The Heroic Minds Podcast.

Audience: School Staff, Business Teams, Sports Teams



An investigation into adversity as a way to inspire teams and the people of tomorrow to take on the inevitable issues that are a part of everyones life. Ben’s goal is to guide people to realize the skills and characteristics of resilience are in us all from birth. We already have the tools to approach every roadblock, rainy day and failure with a resilience response that screams; I have what it takes within me.

Tools: Principles of the Heroic Mind, My story, My comeback, The Heroic Minds Podcast.

Audience: Anyone


STP - Sport Transition Program

Changing an identity that was developed for years and years is no easy task.
We will take your skills, integrity, grit and determination to a new task or career.
One day, you the athlete will rise above the water blurring your vision to see beyond your self-assumed limitations. You will find satisfaction and thirst for success, again.

Tools: History of the identity issue, Process of change, Accepting a new focus/career, My story.

Audience: Sporting Organizations, Individual Athletes & Parents of Athletes.